Saturday, December 31, 2011




Ben Granfelt

Sprucefield Oy Ltd.
Sinebrychoffsgatan 13 B 16
00120 Helsingfors

+358 400 383 383

Ben Granfelt

Sprucefield Oy Ltd.
Sinebrychoffsgatan 13 B 16
00120 Helsingfors

+358 400 383 383

This mail address will stop working 1.1.2012. Please use my new address from now on:

Ben Granfelt

Sprucefield Oy Ltd.
Sinebrychoffsgatan 13 B 16
00120 Helsingfors

+358 400 383 383

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Album

FINALLY got Protools installed on my new computers and can start working on my next solo album. I will work differently than before, Santtu Lehtiniemi and I will produce/program together and make tracks ready BEFORE we ask drummers, bass player, keyboard players, guest players to play on them. I will several guitar tracks on each song and really make this a guitar album much in the same way as my first album The Truth was. I have several songs ready and can't wait to get started... actually I'll start right now so bye, bye...

Ben Granfelt

Monday, March 21, 2011

Email address

As usual I've proved to myself that my brain works on half power :-) I forgot about the email on the contact page totally! I've now tried to answer most of the mails that I found there (some 50 odd mails!). In the futere I'll check the mails once a week.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's up!?

Sorry for neglecting this blog and site for some time.... life with Bastardos has been busy with some gigs and rehearsals. the album came out in february and charted nicely at nr.9 on Rumbas rock chart here in Finland. The feeling in the band is good and we can't wait to seriously start giging in april. Check out where you can listen to the whole album.
As for my own solo project, things took a left turn when my laptop died 2 weeks ago and I wasn't able to demo songs. But that should be corrected in a week or 2. I will be going to the Frankfurt Music Fair again (7-9.4) playing and hanging at the ENGL stand as usual. Hopefully I'd have 1 or 2 new songs to play there.
Micke and I are planning to reorganise this site completly with a music shop where you can download songs from my latest albums, rare live versions and new stuff as well. This will take time so be patient :-)
All the best,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone will be able to enjoy a peacefull and warm Christmas with their loved ones.
It's early morning here in a cold helsinki with a LOT of snow! I'm going to clean the house and quickly slip out to the grouceristore before everything closes down. Then I'll start to relax and wind down.
Enjoy and relax, I'll be writting an end ot the year rap next week with some stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cancelled gigs!

Sorry folks about last weeks cancelled Bastardos gigs! Twist Twist hurt his foot really badly and we're hoping he will be alright asap.
Unfortunately the weekends gigs at Birdland Jazz Club have been cancelled as well, not due to us but Birdland made a double booking and there is no room for us on the bill.
The gigs the 5-6.11 at Birdland are on + we might get some more gigs there so check out the gigs page.

Music business is risky business... but what can you do?! I'm just a guitar player :-)



Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well, it's been awhile...
Bastardos have 2 more gigs this year and then we'll be focusing on finishing the new album. It will have some good old hard rock'n'roll stuff on it. We just need to go thru all Don Osmos song ideas and choose the right ones, I might add one or 2 and Bryn has some ideas too.

I've rehearsed with Miri and Lauri Porra and while it sounds great I seriously don't know which direction I should take for the next BG album.... I'm lost :-) We're jaming again later this week.

Bryn and I have a few projects coming up and it's always fun, we need to rehearse more songs for our upcoming gigs at the Birdland Jazz Club. More groove/soul/blues oriented stuff and it'll be nice with a change.

It's nice to give guitar lessons as well and sorry that I can't take everyone. There are some guys who I seriously wonder why they come to me ;-) .... they're already really great players!

Well' that's about it for now, Cheers everybody.


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Guitar lessons anyone!?

I've decided to give guitar lessons again. Sorry! No beginners!
I want to help developing your own style and your own sound, give advice on gear related questions etc.

If you're interested email me at
NOTE! I live in Helsinki and have a good rehearsal room here where the lessons will be kept.



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Los Bastardos, BGB etc.

So after 4 gigs with the mighty Los bastardos and a session with Don Osmo in his studio going thru songs and ideas for the next LB album I've decided to join the band full time. It's good to be playing rock'n'roll with an attitude again :-) , the guys are great and the crew is dedicated, everything works! We're already playing 3 new songs in the set + on friday we're adding 2 older ones as well. Don Osmo is a very good band leader and I'm again after 6 years just doing what I do best, play! What a pleasure!

I've put BGB and the halfready album on hold completly! Don't know for how long but at least for a year or 2.
I will however do some gigs as a trio with Miri and a bass player (an old friend of ours, I'll post the name soon) later this year to see how that feels. It will be a little more free and jamming than BGB.... more experimental if you like... to satisfy my need to play the Stratocaster :-)
I've got some trio songs written + we'll do some stuff from previous albums that haven't been played live for at least 3-5 years and some covers from way back to the -90's. Wouldn't mind doing a live album either :-)

Granfelt/Nikku Group will do a few gigs in the autumn and we'll record an album live in the
studio with some originals and some covers as well.

It's funny how music divides my playing style and guitars... in LB it's Les Pauls and loud amps (ENGL and Naylor + big rack in stereo) and with the trio it's Strats and combos (Tube Thomsen and ENGL + small pedalboard). GNG is Les Pauls and an SG with an ENGL combo, wah and leslie pedal.
I would say that my favourite guitar is still a Strat but I can't live without a Les Paul :-)

Take it easy and check the gig page for all the bands.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

El Gringo

Well, when you close one door (for awhile!!) another one opens!
Just when I'd cancelled all the BGB gigs for the rest of the year Bryn Jones calls me up and asks if I want to join Los Bastardos Finlandeses ( ) !!??
It is very strange how things happen to me and this was probably just the right thing for now!
It's rock! It's loud! and it's a holiday from all stress! I can relax and just play and enjoy myself!
+ it's got Twist Twist Erkinharju on drums :-)
Check out the gigs for live info.

Rock Summer here I come!

Ben ( El Gringo )

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lots of things...

Firs of all sorry for the long absence... and thanks for all the birthday wishes thru facebook and emails, 47 isn't that much now is it :-)

Now to the sad part. Due to the fact that I'm going thru a difficult part of my life once again... my second divorce for those who didn't know it already (thanks again for all the suportive and positive emails etc.).
I've made 2 hard desicions;
1. The new album is on hold, I can't find the energy/inspiration to finish it now. BUT I'm not giving up! I'm hoping to have it recorded during this year and mixed early next year. I am going to use guest players on the album so it will be more like a BG solo album I guess.
2. I will put BGB on hold as well after the gig in Imatra the 5.7. This means no more gigs this year in Finland or Germany, sorry but I think I need some distance from BGB to be able to continue.

I will do gigs with Granfelt/Nikku Group and duo gigs with Bryn or Igi. Also guest with Bryn Jones Huliganes here and there.
I will announce some other news next week hopefully, just give me some time.

All the best and enjoy the summer!
I will rest and spend some quality time with my kids :-)



Thursday, April 29, 2010

Corrcted the link! And Important NEWS!

Ups, clumsy me got the link to the ENGL demo wrong! Now it is correct so scroll down and check it out.

Unfortunately the new album will be put on hold untill 2011 due to my personal situation which forces me to focus on my family more at the moment. I'm also a bit lost with my musical direction and need to wtrie 3-4 more songs so that we can deliver the best possible album to you.

WE WILL do gigs in Finland and a German tour in the autumn so you can catch us live for sure!

All the best,


Monday, April 26, 2010

ENGL video and album update

Hi Guys & Gals,

Here's a link to an ENGL gigmaster demo from the Frankfurt Music Messe.
The song I'm playing is called New Seven and it will be on the new album.
Re. the album, we're in the middle of mixing at the moment.
I'll post more when I have more titles etc for you.

Had some really good duo gigs with Bryn last weekend at VilliWäinö!
We're playing the Aussie bar on thursday the 29.4. Should be fun again.

All the best,


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Studio message

Today we finnished 3 vocal tracks which means that we got 3 instrumentals and 3 vocal tracks ready for mixing with 3 more vocal tracks to done next week when we'll also start mixing hopefully.
We've been working in Sonic Kitchen with good results and it'll be interesting to hear how the first mixes will sound.
As it looks now the album will be called "Turning Point" and the first track on the album is that track" Turning Point". We played it live 4 times now and everybody seems to like it alot.
Good old blues based rock always goes down well.
One of the instrumentals is called "Because we still can"... well, it's in the same style as "Because we can" from Kaleidoscope.
Another one is called "BG63Strat" and in one way it's my favourite because I've sort of found my love for Strats again and I used my -63 Strat on it.
More about the other tracks later.

Next week we have one gig as well (Tampere Henrys Pub) and it'll be nice to get out to play again.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Loooong post...

It's been awhile, sorry for that.
Where do I begin...
We've been in the studio in Hanko for 4 days end of february and we got 9 tracks of drums, bass and keys done. A few guitar tracks were recorded but I'm redoing all the guitars in Sonic Kitchen Studios next week because I had a bit of a flu and couldn't hear the highend properly.
Miri was the true master of ceremony handling most of the recording and he draged along his old FX Custom mixingdesk and from there we went straight in to his computer ( I think he's using Cubbase or something... or protools... I know I'm using Fender or Gibson and that's about as technical as I get!). Miri also did his tracks in 1-3 takes... yeah! that's a studio pro!
We're going to record 1 or 2 more tracks at our rehearsal room + all the vocals and percussions.
Miris room is next to mine so it'll be easy since he has his complete studio up and running there.

We've also done some gigs and It's been great playing live again, good audiences and good gigs.
I think we've played about 4-5 of the new songs just to see how they go down and the respons has been very positive for sure!
I hope to have the whole album finnished mixed and mastered in early june and released (by someone !??) in september when the gigs start again.

Wishbone Ash played Helsinki on the Rocks a few weeks ago and Miri and I provided them with backline since they just flew in to do the gig. I also played 4 songs with them and I honestly think that it was abit of Finnish Rock'n'roll history when 2 Finnish guitar players are on stage with Wishbone Ash IN FINLAND :-) It was great to meet Andy & Co again, they played really well everyone enjoyed the gig.

Tomorrow I'm flying out to Frankfurt for the Musik Messe... I'll be at the ENGL stand playing 3-4 times a day from wednesday till friday evening.
looking forward to meet old friends again... and to check out some good players... + I heard that there should be a vintage guitars show as well, must leave my creditcards at home ha, ha!

That's all for now, take care and C U on the road,


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gigs update!

Made some changes on the gig page! Make sure you check dates as they seem to change a bit.



Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New blog...

I just got word that this blogging system will change so this will be the last blog until the new system is up and running.

Nothing special new to report... a few new gigs on the gigs page ( Grolsch Blues Festival in Germany !).
Rehearsals start next week again with the band and I've got lyrics ready for a few songs so we'll probably try them out in Forssa and Kuopio.

Be well and check back soon for the new blog.



Saturday, January 09, 2010

The stress of writing...

Yeah, we've been recording all the practise sessions we've had lately and I've got about 8 songs 3 instrumentals and 5 ready for Bryn and me to finnish with lyrics. I get the feeling sometimes that I'll never be ready because I always ge tthe feeling that NO this is not good enough, this needs to be changed etc.

But I had a session with Bryn last night and we worked on an old song idea I've had for ages and he completly made it work when I'd already had almost thrown the the whole song in the trash bin.
He also had an old lyric that fit like a glove... this is the way it should work :-)

Since Miri is in Switzerland for a month playing we're going to have more sessions like this with Bryn and it makes me feel more secure with the new stuff. Definitely cooking now :-)

Made some updates to the gigs page as well, check it out!



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gigs update!

More Granfelt/Nikku gigs! Check out the gigs page...

Unfortunately we have to cancel our planned German tour in march due to the illness of our booking agent Bärbel Kuhn. She is takin time off from the businees and we wish her a speedy recovery.

We are glad to inform you that we have now a new booking agent in Klaus Steigmeier / Breaking Blues. All his contact info is on the contact page.
We are looking at a TV show gig and some festivals in Germany already in may but I will let you know more as soon as I know more details.

Band rehearsals are going well, we have 9 songs now ... still no lyrics but I will meet with master lyrics provider Bryn Jones soon to get started.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the support 2009 and wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010!


Friday, December 04, 2009

Equipment page updated

Micke and I finally got the equipment page updated :-)
Check it out an enjoy!

We've been rehearsing a bit and now have 7 ideas that we're working on. Some just need lyrics and others are still being arranged musically. Don't know what kind of album it'll be this time... It's hard to define the music style we do, I always end up with so many different kind of songs... Some of the stuff sounds like Deep Purple meets Gov't mule while other is a bit more mellow. Somehow I divide them in Les Paul songs and Strat songs... if it makes sense to anyone.
Oh, and we have a new "Becausewe can" instrumental :-) we'll probably call it "We can still do it" ha, ha

Be well,


Monday, November 30, 2009

Blah, blah...

Just thought I'd report on the Granfelt/Nikku gig... Igis (our singers) boat from Åland was late... almost 24 hrs!! so Tipe Johnson stepped in in the last minute and saved the gig! Thanks Tipe! It was a good and very funny gig. For those of you who don't know about us we play covers only (Allman Brotheres, Gov't Mule, Focus, Derek trucks Band, Mannfred Mans EB etc. only cool -70s guitar music...LOT'S of jamming!). Look out for more gigs next year in may.

The 2 acoustic gigs with Bryn Jones were great as usual, especially the second one :-)

I've started to play electric guitar too give more depth in the sets and we're definitely more rocking now!

And finally here's a link to some pics from our Kokkola gig with BGB taken by Rainer Frilund.



Thursday, November 19, 2009

End of the year..

Well, all the BGB gigs for this year are done now. I've got some gigs with Bryn Jones and this coming sunday a Granfelt / Nikku Guitar Fest gig as well.

I think we had a lot of good gigs with BGB and the band is tight so we're continuing with rehearsals for new songs. I've also booked some studio time in Hanko at Pop Motion studios ( ) in february.

Posted some new gigs as well.

Unfortunately our German tour in March is not certain at the moment as our booker Barb Kuhn is very ill. We wish her all the best and a speedy recovery.
If possible we will try to do a few gigs at least in march over there.

That's it for now...


Friday, October 23, 2009

Wishbone Ash 40th DVD

It's out now! Wishbone Ash celebrated their 40th anniversary at the Shepperd Bush Empire in may this year and I was invited to play on a couple of songs (Almighty Blues and Faith, Hope & Love which I wrote for the Bonafide album in 2001). The gig was filmed and here's a little taster, ... re=channel from the DVD.

Enjoy and support this great band by buying the DVD from



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home sweet home...

This band is getting better and better every gig! That's a fact!
Despite my terible tooth/jaw ache episode in the middle of these dates (thank good the worst spell was during the off days!) all the gigs went better than I could have hoped for.
AND we now finally have a booker in Germany, Bärbel Kuhn will handle things from now on.

Met a lot of friends again and finally got to jam with Christian Tolle from Cooper Inc. who opened up for us at the last gig. Check them out, they're a suberb band. I believe Christian is putting somehting up on youtube....

I'd especially like to thank Beavis out soundguy/tourmanager... this team works so well! Hopefully we'l have lot's of gigs next year.
We're starting to rehearse new stuff next week and also demoing at the same time.

Harry and Lothar deserve a special mentioning as well, their partys are now welknown to a LOT of rock music fans, keep up the good work!

Also all the nice promoters from the clubs and you the fans/friends... C U next year!



Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cancelled gigs

I'm not happy about this but due to Imatra Woodoo going bancrupt and closeing I've had to cancel/move more gigs.
Kuopio the 24.10 will be moved to next year as will 14.11 Seinäjoki Bar 15.

I'm sorry about this but we'll be rehearsing new material instead so time is not lost in that sense.

Germany soon, can't wait to have a curry wurst and a real German beer.



Friday, September 25, 2009


Great gigs so far! Nice to play new places in Finland too. Suisto Klubi in Hämeenlinna is a great place for live music, reminded me of some clubs in Germany. Also Shamrock Tikkurila was a nice suprise. Salo Rockin Hood was good too.

Unfortunately Woodo Imatra the 23.10 has been cancelled because of bankrupcy... (the club not us...yet ha,ha )
I'm trying to get another gig in Imatra sorted asap but check the gigs page for changes in the calender before you decide to come to a gig.

Tonight On the Rocks! Our home town gig :-) A couple of new songs in the set, new merch.... come along for a good party!

C U,


Monday, August 17, 2009

Long time no see!!

Sorry for the long break in blog posts but hey.... summer time :-)

Anyway, BGB has done a few gigs and we're ready to start giging seriously again.

We did a festival gig up in Kauhajoki that was great...played over 2 hours, went to bed 03.30 and got up at 07.30 to drive back to Helsinki from where I took the train back to Hanko where the family was waiting for me.

Then we did the Lukather gig at House of Culture here in Helsinki which was very cool but short. It was nice to see Steve's band and to hang with them after the show. We went to Henrys Pub for the sunday Jam and were joined by Steves drummer, we did a few songs and jammed.

I recently also finally got my new racksystem from Steen Skrydstrup in Denmark.

I'm like a kid at X-mas with it, SOOOOO COOL!!!

I went down to Denamrk and meet with Steen for fjnal programming etc.

Steen is a very nice guy who not only knows his stuff but also is good friend, someone who I end up talking about things completly not related to music or gear with.

Guitar Slingers did a suprise gig for Aapo Lahti who had his suprise 40th birthday party.

Aapo works for Eastway Sound And Lightning and Guitar Slingers go way back with him and Eastway. He actually was our booker for many years. And again after the party I went to Henrys for the Jam session... :-)

Well, check out the gigs page for live shows, C U out there somewhere.



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Holiday continues...

Nothing much to report, I've been takin it easy, playing guitar and spending time with the family. Got some really cool new songs ready for rehearsals but that will happen in the autumn.

Just got confirmation that we're supporting Steve Lukather the 2.8 at the House of Culture here in Helsinki, should be a cool gig and it's definitely a nice guitar package!

Take it easy!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wishbone Ash 40th Anniversary concert

Wow and Wow again! What a gig! It was so good to hear Andy, Bob, Joe and of course Muddy play. They were super tight and sounded so good (Thanks Daniel!) So many friends in the audience and a great aftershow party...long live rock'n'roll but not the next morning ha,ha...

Check out some pics here

It was a pleasure to play 2 songs with WA and to play 3 part harmonies was ...well, you can imagine the sound on stage :-) It was all filmed for a DVD release which you all have to get !!

Thanks to Andy & CO! Jonna and I really enjoyed the evening.

BGB is taking a little break before summer and I'm off to Creete this saturday with the family.